UPC: Proyecto Caroya – Patrimonio Cultural y Nuevas Tecnologías

UPC Competence Center – Tuesday, July 2, 2019 – Presentation of “Proyecto Caroya: Patrimonio Cultural y Nuevas Tecnologías” – Universidad Provincial, Agencia Córdoba Cultura y Córdoba Turismo  and Instituto de Antropología de Córdoba (Idacor-Conicet).. The project seeks to recover and promote the rich history of the Jesuit Estancia de Caroya.

During the event, UPC Competence Center  presentend the UMETECH experience of the pilot project “La Candelaria Inmersiva”.

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UPC: Business Start-Up – Training in Cultural Heritage and new Technologies for women entrepreneurs

Business Start UP Lab
This Seminar was  organized in the framework of the UMETECH project
6, 7, 11 March 2019
Universidad Provincial de Córdoba (Argentina)
– Centro de Competencia de Córdoba en nuevas tecnologías y patrimonio cultural –

15 Advanced  female students on Tourism, Heritage Management, Graphic Design and Photography of UPC – Institute of Anthropology of Córdoba – was invited to participate.

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UPC: La Candelaria Immersiva – Argentina Embassy – Paris

15 January 2019 Paris (France) – Embassy of the Republic of Argentina in Paris Opening Exhibition “La Candelaria, Patrimonio mundial bajo una mirada contemporánea” – international dissemination of the pilot project “La Candelaria Inmersiva” .



UPC: Publication Investiga+ Magazine

The paper on the UMETECH project was selected for Investiga + Magazine (Editorial UPC)

On 4 and 5 of October 2018, the team of the CC of Córdoba participated in the Second Conference on Promotion and Dissemination of Research, organized by the Directorate of Postgraduate Studies and Research of the UPC, based on the slogan “la investigación a 100 años de la Reforma: legados, desafíos y problematizaciones”.

The selected article can be found on page 167 of the Investiga + Access Magazine