UMETECH is a cofunded project of the ERASMUS+ Capacity Building programme of the European Union. It aims at  creating a network of Competence Centers on the subject of ICT applied to Cultural Heritage in order to strengthen the role of Latin American Universities in the fild of cultural heritage.

UMETECH project aims to design and implement:

  • a number of Competence Centers on ICT for Cultural Heritage, located at the Jesuit reductions in Perù, Argentina and Paraguay and managed by LA universities;
  • a program of know how transfer from EU universities to LA universities on a few strategic topics: smart computing, 3D, Big Data and human-machine interaction;
  • a program of innovation projects to be eeveloped at the Competence Centers with the joint participation of LA and EU partners and local stakeholders;
  • a number of self-entrepreneurship labs for LA HEIs.

The EU partners are in charge of best practices, technologies and methodologies to transfer; the LA partners are in charge of the implementation of the technological infrastructures, the local organization and implementation of the Competence Centres, the development of the innovation projects and the participation of local stakeholders. The NEMECH New Media for Cultural Heritage initiative – a Competence Center jointly developed by University of Florence and Tuscany Regional Government in Florence is a reference experience to build upon.

UNIFI (MICC-NEMECH) is the UMETECH project coordinator, you can contact us here.

The UMETECH project has been funded with support form the European Commission. This communication reflects the views only of the authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.