UPC: Proyecto Caroya – Patrimonio Cultural y Nuevas Tecnologías

UPC Competence Center – Tuesday, July 2, 2019 – Presentation of “Proyecto Caroya: Patrimonio Cultural y Nuevas Tecnologías” – Universidad Provincial, Agencia Córdoba Cultura y Córdoba Turismo  and Instituto de Antropología de Córdoba (Idacor-Conicet).. The project seeks to recover and promote the rich history of the Jesuit Estancia de Caroya.

During the event, UPC Competence Center  presentend the UMETECH experience of the pilot project “La Candelaria Inmersiva”.

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Paolo Mazzanti

Author: Paolo Mazzanti

NEMECH/MICC researcher focus on graphic/web design, multimedia applications, creative ideas for museum learning and user engagement, new media for cultural heritage.