Open Innovation Days, Lima – Cordoba


The Open Innovation Days were planned  on 12-13 October 2017  in Lima, Perú and Cordoba, Argentina.

The planning process started planning on july, when the decision of making two dissemination programs in Lima and Cordoba was taken. The program was outlined and the decision of making a two day event was taken: There would be a public event on October 12 and a member’s meeting on October 13.

The Open Innovation Day was first announced to UMETECH members on july 7th. UIGV started inviting stakeholders and drafting the agenda for both days. Several possible stakeholders werw invited to do speeches on the afternoon of the first day and it was planned to do two focus groups on that afternoon session too.

By September the first tentative program was delivered to the project management, including the list of stakeholders which would do speeches on the afternoon session; which were: Municipalidad de Lima Metropolitana, Zona Arqueológica de Caral and Dirección Desconcentrada de Cultura de Piura.

Universidad Provincial de Córdoba (Argentina) made a presentation of the competence center and of the project of 3D reconstruction “Modelado de la Estancia La Candelaria”. Universidad Nacional de Misiones (Argentina) also did a presentation about their competence center and of the project they will develop. Universidad del Este (Paraguay) and Universidad de Itapúa (Paraguay) also did presentations about their competence center and projects.

Open Innovation Day, Lima – Perú

HERE  is the  OIDs Full Report  (Lima and Cordoba)

Lea Landucci

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