Florence STUDY TOUR – Italy

From  14 to 19 of November, NEMECH and MICC, center of excellence of the University of Florence, hosted a delegation from the Paraguayan Universidad Nacional de Itapùa and Universidad Nacional del Este for the UMETECH study tour program.
It was a great experience to enhance the Italian-Paraguay academic network and to meet the Paraguayan academic staff involved in the project’s program.

During the study tour, the University of Florence academic staff held a course on computer vision applied to cultural heritage, together with a practical workshop. In particular the  participants had the chance to learn

basic and advanced computer vision techniques in order to develop a mobile application able to recognize and give information about objects surrounding the user.  The course has also included a demo of the Cultural Heritage projects developed by the NEMECH staff and three lab sessions on SIFT feature matching, Convolutional Neural Networks and OpenCV on Android mobile devices.
There were also opportunities for socialization between the two cultures, experiences and knowledges (with great Italian food and wine).

Lea Landucci

Author: Lea Landucci

Post-doc researcher @MICC

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