TRACK A: Mobile and Computer Vision

MOBILE PROGRAMMING 1  (basic) – 26-29 JUNE 2017
Course objective: Creating mobile web apps
Course contents: Sample development using HTML5-Javascript, PHP; Hybrid apps: translation to native code via Cordova

MOBILE PROGRAMMING  2  (adv) – 10,11,12 and 14 JULY 2017
Course objective: Creating mobile native Android apps
Course contents: Sample development using native code via Android Studio; Android API; JNI Java Native Interface; bridging Open CV using JNI

COMPUTER VISION (adv. onsite course IN FLORENCE) – 15-19 NOVEMBER 2017
Course objective: Creating computer vision recognition applications
Course contents: OPENCV framework, Lib SVM and CNN Frameworks; SIFT detector and descriptors; CNN models and descriptors; SVM Classifiers, CNN detectors and classifiers. Sample application development

Interface design principles and Design & development of web-based mobile platform applications with tools such as HTML5 and jQuery Mobile: transitions between pages, accessibility, events “tap”, “swipe” and orientation, views and forms, integration with dynamic data, geolocation, application caching and offline storage.

The course will also address the following topics:

  • Hybrid apps with PhoneGap framework. Using PhoneGap for the development of mobile application. Advanced PhoneGap: access to the device sensors: accelerometers, “shakes” and orientation with media queries; how to capture and save a photo or video to an application; get the list of contacts in the phonebook; manage notifications; work offline: syncing and caching.
  • Realtime web with NodeJS. Development of a simple application and realtime multiuser with PhoneGap and NodeJS and deploy to the Android platform.
  • Web 3.0, methods of networking of sensors, communication protocols and application opportunities of the Internet of Things that they associate physical and virtual objects with cloud computing services, data capture and communication networks in order to create smart environments, highly interactive and always connected.

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