University Politehnica of Bucharest

The University Politehnica of Bucharest (UPB), with its 18 faculties and more than 25,000 students, is the most prestigious university in the country (ranked first in Romania). The Center for Advanced Research on
New Materials, Products and Innovative Processes (CAMPUS) is the UPB’s advanced research & development center for multi- and inter-disciplinary technologies.

It holds a state of the art 7 stories, green and intelligent building, with unconventional power sources, energy recovery, reuse of resources, and intelligent management systems. It integrates 41 research labs, spread over more than 8,000 square meters, equipped at European standards. The labs are connected in a complete inter-disciplinary technological flow, starting with the study of materials (chemical engineering), going to electrical engineering and electronics (e.g., circuits, antennas), power and mechanics (e.g., alternative energy sources, environmental protection), and then telecommunications, information technologies (e.g., multimedia processing) and computer science (e.g., artificial
intelligence). In addition to the research specific infrastructure, CAMPUS disposes of a high-end computational infrastructure (i.e., a cluster with 56 servers with a total of >900 processing cores, >7 TB of RAM, >50 TB of storage space) as well as a reconfigurable platform for high-speed telecommunication network topologies and cloud storage (22 servers).

Our role in the project is to transfer know-how by giving technical courses on Big Data analysis, Social Networking and apply for joint projects with the Network.

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