Università di Firenze MICC-NEMECH – project coordinator

MICC – Media Integration and Communication Center – center of excellence of MIUR of the University of Florence, and NEMECH – New Media for Cultural Heritage- joint competence centre between Tuscany Regional Government and the University of Firenze, aim to promote technology transfer in the Regional area.

NEMECH activities are synergic with Culture plan of Regione Toscana, 2011-2015 having as goals the investigation and application of ICT and multimedia technologies for cultural heritage storage, in particular:

  • development of multimedia content and applications;
  • development of innovative solutions to access information and suggest contents;
  • development of 3D technology to model, represent and display cultural assets;
  • extensive application of sensorization for monitoring, control, surveillance and infer habits and attitudes of visitors;
  • application of smart processing;
  • experimentation of opportunities of mobile and wearable devices;
  • the improved content presentation through augmented and virtual reality and holographic displays;
  • application of social networking and connectivity and cloud computing.

Educational programs will be mutuated from the NEMECH initiative taking profit from the technical webbased infrastructure and the experience and skills of both the Latin America and the EU partners.
The NEMECH model will be redefined and adapted to establish a coordinated network of Competence Centres.

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