UNAM: Bussines Start up Lab innovación en Turismo patrimonial y Tecnologías

16th November  2018   at the CEED building located on the University Campus

During the World Week of Entrepreneurship, the Competency Center of the National University of Misiones (CCUNaM), in collaboration with the UNaM organized a training workshop on ICT and innovation  in cultural-tourist sectors.

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16 de noviembre de 2018. Bussines Start up Lab: UNaM emprende: innovación en Turismo patrimonial y Tecnologías.

UNaM Competence Center

Click on the image to watch the video!

Click on the image to watch the video!

Click on the image to watch the video!


The UNAM Centro de Comptencia – CCUNaM is located in the University Campus of the Universidad Nacional de Misiones. In  the city of Posadas, province of Misiones Argentina.


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  • One project developed by the Competence Center is the implementation of Augmented Reality at the Open Pit Museum La Piedad Cemetery.(Presentacion Proyecto la Piedad CCUNaM.PDF)
  • Activities LIS –  Laboratorio de Ideas Startup (PDF)


UNIFI @OIDs – logbook


11 -12 June – Itapua
In the first morning in Encarnación (Paraguay) we had a meeting with the students of the University of Itapua. In the afternoon we visited the Jesuit mission of santissima trinidad (enthusiastic guide, nice company). Finally for dinner, a VIP restaurant with songs and dances!





On June 12th the Itapua University held the first OID. Baecchi and Ferracani from Unifi talked about NEMECH (new media for Cultural Heritage) and the staff form Itapua presented the app to recognize the photos of the mission above. Then, the competence center was inaugurated.





13 June OID – Misiones 
The friendly staff from Misiones showed us the competence center: they developed three interesting applications: the first with the dumbbells for immersive virtual reality, the mobile application, which is also immersive, allows you to navigate between 3D views of the same mission, pointing to interactive areas through the movement of the phone. Then there was an application to reconstruct three-dimensional objects by scanning.








In the afternoon e long way to get to the charming mission Misión Jesuítica Santa María La Mayor.

Tecnología 3D en la UNaM: un proyecto para fortalecer el turismo patrimonial

Con el objetivo de revalorizar el patrimonio y promover el turismo cultural, desde la Universidad Nacional de Misiones (UNaM) crearon un proyecto 3D que rescata la Reducción Jesuítica Guaraní de Santa María la Mayor.


Inauguraron el Centro de Competencias de la UNaM

El Centro de Competencias de la UNaM (CCUNaM) se inauguró este miércoles 13 de junio en el Edificio del Centro de Estudios de Energías Renovables (CEED) del Campus de la Universidad Nacional de Misiones, ubicado sobre Ruta 12 km 7 y ½ de la ciudad de Posadas. Participaron de dicha iniciativa integrantes del proyecto de investigación “Turismo patrimonial” de la Facultad de Humanidades y Ciencias Sociales.

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Open Innovation Days, Encarnacion- Posadas

  •  11 -12 June2 2018 – Encarnación Itapua (Paraguay)
  • 13 June 2018 – Posadas, Misiones (Argentina)

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